Our story

Our story

Almalomb is not a place. It is my place. My family’s place. A story told and remembered. Past, present and future. Almalomb is my heritage, a 19th century water mill. No longer a water mill, Almalomb houses a restaurant and event place in the mill museum and an apartment house.

A visit to Almalomb is not a quick trip. It is an out of the way place where life goes slower. Where we strive to do it right, which may take more time. We serve food that is natural. You can feel the flavour, which derives from time and place and sunshine and rain and cold and warm. You know where it came from.

It’s not about expensive or cheap, slow or fast, big or small. It is about being real. Real food. Real floor boards. Real water. Real mud. Real sorrow. Real joy.

We don’t promise to be fancy but Almalomb is not rustic. It is as it should be. Honest. Simple without being simplistic. Passionate. Authentic.

Please, come as you are.

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