We are merely passing through. We regard our heritage, as a responsibility, which was temporarily casted on us: to preserve it, so we can pass it on to the next generations.

Sustainability is one of the pillars of our operation. We approach it holistically.


  • We cultivate our own vegetable and fruit garden to supply our kitchen.
  • In our purchases we prefer local producers and farmers in order to minimize transportation footprint as well to strengthen the regional economy and community.
  • We work with a short and seasonal menu to optimize our food waste and minimize our deep-frozen storage. With the seasonal menu we intend to lower the raw material production footprint and strengthen regionality.
  • In our offering we intend to revitalize traditional recipes and technologies (smoking, fermenting, pickling), and we produce some of our own food like bread, pasta, home smoked products.
  • We always offer vegetarian options.
  • We select our waste and compost our greens.
  • We use environmentally friendly cleaning detergents and toiletries.
  • We do not use one-time-use disposable plastic products.
  • We offer room cleaning, change linens and towels every day only upon request in our Apartman House.
  • We supplement our hot water needs with solar collectors.
  • We use air pumps, pellet heaters and infra panels for heating and cooling.
  • We use only energy efficient LED lighting 
  • We supply water from our own well for the garden and we treat water as a scarce resource.
  • We offer four Electrical Vehicle chargers for our customers.
  • We are members of the Sustainable Hospitality Association

Enterprise & Employment

  • We operate in a compliant and transparent way, because we treat others as we wish to be treated by others. We also believe that what happens behind the scene influences the stage; in other words, we treat our staff with respect and care because we also expect them to treat our customers the same way.
  • We prefer to select our staff, partners and suppliers from the local community, if possible, offering opportunities to those with hardship or disadvantage.
  • We manage our succession by offering opportunities to students and youth.
  • We are a certified Family Friendly Enterprise and Affordable Enterprise

Economy & Community

  • We believe in the power of communities; therefore, we are actively working on an eco-system network. We aim at reciprocity and partnership in every relationship.
  • We are members of organizations of similar values like SVÉT  and we are founding members of the SLOW Living Hungary Pannon Convivium community.
  • We consider our investments as a contribution to cultural, architectural and environmental sustainability.
  • In 2017 we were awarded by ICOMOS for the exemplary restauration of the listed heritage Dallos-Böröcz water mill.
  • In 2020 we completed the renovation of a locally protected traditional peasant house and turned it into our Almalomb Apartman House.
  • We look for long term return on our investments. We do not try to gain today on the cost of tomorrow.
  • We operate economically: cost consciously, with low waste and long-term profitability.

We follow sustainability guidelines and we kindly ask you the same.

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